Monday, November 24, 2008

Egyptian Baha'i Child Denied Birth Certificate - Al-Badeel Newspaper

The Child was born in 9th November 2008 and still couldn't get a birth certificate because he is Baha'i. This news item was published in today's edition of Cairo's Al-Badeel newspaper .

The baby's father told the newspaper that this means that his newborn child cannot be counted in Egypt's census, he cannot be vaccinated against serious infectious diseases and that the baby's mother cannot obtain maternal leave from her employment.

This newborn can be now added to a long list of Egyptian children, born to Baha'i parents, who live in the shadows, and whose existence their own government has denied. They are deprived of all their human and civil rights, including the rights to health care and education.

The circular in the right was distributed by the Department of Civil Status in July to its branches and health centers in which it affirms that only three religions (Judaism, Christianity or Islam) can be listed under the religion field!
By doing so, Egypt continues to be in gross violation of all international covenants that guarantee the rights of man, to which Egypt is a co-signatory.

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