Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Schools in Egypt rejected Baha'i Students


By Darren Farghali 1/7/2008

Some schools in Cairo rejected applications by Baha'i students as they have no religion indicated on their Egyptian Identification cards.

School administrations said they had orders from the Government Authority in Egypt not to accept other students than Muslims and Christians.

The parents filed complaints with the Ministry of Education because the application deadline has passed, but they did not receive a reply so far. Bassem Youssef Labib says:
"The French Lycee School in Maadi rejected my son for that reason, and I was told at the ministry that perhaps it was the Ministry of the Interior that gave such orders."

Lamia Samir Sobhi said she had the same problem when she was applying for her daughter at the British School in Rehab City.

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