Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Redvan - Baha'i Holiday

The National Spiritual Assembly of England has received a Ridvan greetings from the Prime Minister of England, the Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Their messages have been sent on the occasion of the annual reception of the All-Party Parliamentary Friends of the Baha'is group, being held at the House of Commons on Tuesday 22 April.

"I would like to express my respect and admiration to those attendingthis reception, and the wider Baha'í community which makes an importantcontribution to British life.

I very much recognise and welcome thoseof the Baha'í faith as a distinguished and valuable part of our rich andmulti-cultural society.The Baha'í community has a long, proud and respected tradition andcontributes much to today's Britain . Your faith includes a clear obligationto work towards religious tolerance and respect for other faiths, anaim shared by both myself and a wide range of different communitiesacross Britain .

I commend you for promoting and understanding and explorations of your faith to wider British society. The Baha'í community can be proud ofits success in working to foster cohesive and integrated communities."The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, the Prime Minister"I am delighted to send my best wishes to everyone attending the AllParty Parliamentary Friends of the Baha'is Group reception to mark thefestival of Ridvan.

I would like to take this opportunity to also send mybest wishes to the wider Baha'í community in the UK .Not only is Ridvan an important time for communal prayers andcelebration, and for electing local governing councils, but it can also be atime for reflection on the principles which the Baha'í community holdsdear.

These principles include unity, the promotion of social justice, abelief in the importance of family life, and a concern for theenvironment. I know that you will also be thinking of your co-religionistselsewhere who may be facing persecution because of their beliefs.May I once again send my good wishes to you and your families at thistime."The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Leader of the Opposition"I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Baha'í community inthe United Kingdom and your guests a very happy Ridvan. I am sure thatthis celebration will help raise awareness of the issues facing theBaha'í community and that you will have a wonderful evening."

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