Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Burning Baha'i Houses in Egypt - February 22, 2011 - اليوم السابع

Burning two Baha'i houses for the second time in Egypt without any punishments from the Egyptian government to the attackers. The first assault happened in April 2009 without any criminal trials to the attackers, and here they come for the second time in February 22, 2011 to attack Baha'i houses in Shuraniya, Sohag.

Muslims villagers burned two empty Baha'i houses in Shuraniya, Sohag which were burned before in April 2009.

Transition and the examination shows that the fire came on the houses without a loss of life, and that the owners of the houses have lived in Cairo since the first attack on there houses in April 2009 without getting any compensations from the City of Sohag.

Baha'is are minorities in Egypt and they suffering all kind of prejudice and discrimination's because of their belief.


Sen McGlinn said...

I looked at some of today's reports of this in Arabic, and found the same wording in reports from 2009 (also, the same pictures). So I think that this is a mistake: old reports are being recycled.

If you know the reports today are true, please post a correction on my blog:


in Arabic or English

The Baha'i Faith in Egypt said...

My Friend,

Sadly it is true and this is the second time that those Muslim villagers do such a criminal act without any punishments from the Egyptian authority.