Thursday, May 21, 2009

Issuing birth certificates for Two Egyptian Baha'is

The Civil Egyptian government unit in Cairo issued the first two electronic birth certificates with dash in the religion section (-) for two Baha'i children, Emad and Nancy Raouf Hindi Halim.
This follows the decree issued about a month ago by the Interior Minister of Egypt Habib Adli, to amend the Civil Status Law regarding the issuance of identity documents, such as birth certificates and ID cards, for people following religions not officially recognized by the Egypt authority.
Dr. Rauf Hindi Haleem, the father of the two children, has said that the birth certificates for his twins Emad and Nancy took so long now they are sixteen years old.
He said the twins were left for so long with no official documents although they had Egyptian Baha'i parents and Egyptian Baha'i grandparents.

"I will soon start taking the necessary procedures to let them have their national ID cards, as our country's nationality is something we cherish" he added.

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