Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Baha'i Student denied entry to final exam in Egypt

A Bahá’í high school student denied entry to the final graduating examinations Because of her Baha'i religion

All high school Students in Egypt are required to enter their religion on the application form necessary for admission to the final graduating examinations. Based on the documentation in their birth certific….etc. Kholoud Hafez a Bahá’í high school student wrote a Bahá’í in her religion space and She stated that she will be examined in "Islamic Religion" under the subject of "religion." The high school system's admissions administrator located in the central office rejected her application because she wrote " Bahá’í " and prevented her from going to take her final exams.

The folowing is her discription to what happend :

The President of the control for the first phase (high school) in EL- Sayda Zeinab refused my high school application and returned it back to my school because i am Baha'i.
he said:"Becouse you are going to be examined in "Islam Religion" , you had to wrote "Muslim" in your application", I refused and tried to persuade him that the application required to wrote my religion ,not what I’m going to be examend in. I’m writting Bahá’í becouse that is my believe.
he said:" you had to write" Muslim" or you are not going to be allowed to enter the exams ".
We went to the General Director of Public Secondary School, and the samething happened there !
Now I am rejected from entering the exam because I am Bahá’í ! Do I have to be Muslim to be allowed to enter the final exams!? Where are the applying of the Constitution and the observance of human rights in Egypt?

The instructions given for filling-out the application form clearly state that all information must be accurately and truthfully entered, and any deviation from that would invalidate the application and would be regarded as forgery.
But that what The officials want the Bahá’í student to do! To lie! To forge!!

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